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The office will not submit bill in which they would not send to the provider United Health Care for payment stating that due to the office visit resulted from a car accident which involved State Farm.I was sent from Ingenix Subrogation Services a letter stating that in the event you have already made a monetary recovery do not spend the money.

My attorney office received the payment from State Farm Insurance and settle with Ingenix Subrogation on the amount which was paid per there request regarding the medical payments. Now everyone want me to pay the bill $285.00. The only way that I settle with State Farm was that they pay all medical payments. The doctor office would not submit payment because there office did not want to accept the payment they would have receive under the United Health Care contract.

The company Ingenix Subrogation stated they never heard of Dr. Lenet that is how I got treatment for my injury. United Health Care stated that he was to have submitted the bill for 10/02/2010 for payment. So much for health care for all.

The corpo is the insurance companies they all work for the benefit of there share holders not the injured.

This is a call $Insurance Company Reform across this country.All for $285.00 x millions a day from consumers Insurance Reform$ Insurance Reform$

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